We are leading the New Zealand division of the international collaborative project The Academic Profession in the Knowledge Society (APIKS). With more than 20 countries participating, the APIKS consortium is forming a significant international database about the working lives of academics.

Our team

Contact us at nzapiks@vuw.ac.nz.

International collaborators

Research teams in other countries have already carried out national surveys and begun to report on the results. We will add New Zealand responses to the database to allow for comparative analyses.

Prior research in New Zealand

In 2012, we conducted a national survey of early career academics in New Zealand, funded by Ako Aotearoa. That then led to a book, Early Career Academics in New Zealand: Challenges and Prospects in Comparative Perspective, published as part of the Changing Academic Profession series, which includes chapters by three of the current research project team. If you have trouble getting hold of the book (or the chapters that you’re interested in) through your university library, just email us directly: nzapiks@vuw.ac.nz.

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